Who are we?

We are a web technology company from Somerset in the UK.
We offer a range of services to our clients providing bespoke designs, application development & server support.

About Us

We are a team of developers based in Somerset.

We strive to develop advanced dynamic Web Applications based around security & performance.

Having worked in website development for years we have noticed many companies using database driven Content Management Systems, never to update the content of these sites or more importantly the software ultimately leading to data breaches or server instability.

We use headless API driven Content Management Systems which provide better security & performance.

We also provide Progressive Web Apps. (this site can be installed as a PWA)

We work with various programming frameworks & languages including nodejs, golang, react, vuejs.

We often work B2B providing help & support on existing projects.

Services We Offer

Web Application Development

We offer full stack web application development.

Our team has experience in developing Web Applications in various languages.
We use some of the newest programming languages & deployment solutions available.

Development doesn't stop at deployment, we work with customers & can provide proactive maintenance on servers, Including analytics and server monitoring solutions.

Website Design

All of our websites are designed with multiple devices in mind.

The majority of internet browsing in the UK is conducted using tablets and mobile phones.

Having a responsive and dynamic website gives your company a huge advantage, making your website more accesable aswell as attracting more visitors.

Server Administration, Optimization & Support

We offer server support & administration.

This includes active monitoring of network & system performance.
Active scheduling for system updates & securty patches.
Optimization is achieved various ways from minimizing memory usage to prioritizing network connections.

Our Linux experts have over 10 years of experience working in a server environment.

Active Monitoring, Analytics & SEO

We can also provide active monitoring of servers.

This ranges from server uptime reports to active bandwidth information.

There are also options for full web traffic analytics & search engine statistics, allowing you to see how much traffic your website generates from Google Search.

We work with the latest technologies

We are always looking forward and actively develop using the latest technologies.


Deploying Cloud Based Servers

google cloud platform amazon aws openshift